BBC Working Groups

At the start of 2016, the BBC has seven working groups addressing the issues of greatest interest to BBC members. These working groups are open. Members who wish to join a working group are requested to send an email message to

Effective Practices Working Group
  • Mandate: Identify effective practices of international service programs and bring them to the attention of the BBC community.

Research and University Engagement Working Group
  • Mandate: Foster and assess research on the impact of international service programs and disseminate the results to the BBC.

SDGs and Policy Working Group
  • Mandate: Promote the role of volunteer service in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and bring to bear the weight of the BBC on other policy issues such as National Service in the USA.

Health Sector Working Group
  • Mandate:  Promote innovation, scaling-up, and best practices for international volunteers working in the health sector.

Corporate Engagement Working Group
  • Mandate: Strengthen ties between BBC and the volunteer programs of global corporations.

Faith-Based Engagement Working Group
  • Mandate: Strengthen ties between BBC and faith-based international service programs.

10th Anniversary Working Group
  • Mandate: Organize the celebration of the BBC’s 10th anniversary at a forum at Brookings on 14 June 2016.

Technology and Communication Working Group
  • Mandate: Identify and adopt technologies that will advance the objectives of the BBC.