Wofford Fellowship


The Harris Wofford Global Service Fellowship is a program of the Building Bridges Coalition increasing international volunteers and their capacity building impact around the world. Since 2012 seven organizations have participated in the Harris Wofford Global Service Fellowship program resulting in over 400 fellowships. In 2015, 116 fellows served in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Global Service Fellowship

To effectively increase the number and impact of international volunteers on local sector capacity building, and in consideration of the challenges of education and cost, the Harris Wofford Global Service Fellowship has been implemented across our field, with the support of volunteer organizations, corporations, government institutions, universities and colleges, and individuals.

The Harris Wofford Global Service Fellowship offers individuals the unique opportunity, through an application process, to participate in an international volunteer program. Named in recognition of a true service leader in our country, selected Fellows receive a full or partial fellowship which covers 50%-100% of the program fee.

Eligible Fellows are identified through partner organizations and volunteer organizations based on criteria such as financial need, commitment to service, and a demonstrated passion and commitment to international issues. Universities and colleges across the country may nominate students who meet financial criteria based on their level of financial need, and who demonstrate their commitment through an application process. Corporations and other partner organizations may nominate and support members within their organizations or within their wider community. The Harris Wofford Global Service Fellowship will extend to individuals across the country and from all sectors and age groups, including university and college students, working professionals, and retirees. A strategic objective is to also promote the diversity of international volunteers.


Communities throughout the world have partnered with the hundreds of volunteer organizations that comprise our field, providing new ideas through cultural exchange, improved healthcare, and basic childhood education services among others; while breaking down stereotypes, supporting the missions of local organizations, and inspiring a lifelong commitment to civic engagement to both individual volunteers and the individuals and communities with whom we partner.

We know, through research done throughout our field, including a research initiative undertaken by Washington University, that there are immense positive impacts that voluntary service brings to the individual and to the community. Tens of thousands of individuals volunteer internationally each year, but the impacts would be far greater through significantly increasing the number of international volunteers who foster cultural exchange, and who contribute to positive outcomes through local organizations across the world.