Membership Benefits

Membership Levels and Benefits

Choose from three organizational membership levels, based on your organization’s size, programming needs and level of desired investment in the Building Bridges Coalition then click the Join Now! button below your desired Membership.

Becoming a BBC member connects you to a large community of organizations in the field of volunteering, with access to forums, resources, and other tools. We help our members connect with one another, expand their capabilities, advocate for their causes, and increase their visibility. Through networking events, training workshops, working groups, and media opportunities, we boost the work of non-profits, foundations, businesses, government departments, and academic institutions. Join us, and take advantage of the following benefits!


  • Listing in BBC Member Directory
  • Updates and Announcements
  • Participation in Working Groups
  • Reports about volunteering and service
  • Information about effective practices
  • Invitations to conferences and special events
  • Announcements about non-BBC events
  • Use of the BBC logo
  • Organization’s profile on BBC website
  • Participation in research
  • Participation in BBC Meetings
  • Member logo on BBC website
  • Sponsor links in e-newsletters
  • Sponsorship of BBC conferences and events
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$5per year
$5per year


$100per year
$100per year


$300per year
$300per year


BBC Patron

Membership at the Patron level involves a commitment above $300 per year.  The benefits at the Patron level include all included at the Sponsor level plus other benefits to be agreed upon depending on the level of the commitment.

Terms and Eligibility

Memberships are good for one year starting the month you join and are up for renewal annually. BBC is proud to maintain a “big tent” philosophy and will continue to offer membership (“Associate Member”) to any organization that is a stakeholder for international volunteering and unable to contribute at the suggested level.